Relocating when you have pets can make the move extra stressful. It’s overwhelming enough for a person especially if you’re looking for a reputable moving company to help you. You’re nervous about how the move should go for one cat or dog. Many are asking how to make the move easier for their pets. Here are some practical tips that you should consider:

For the Felines

Cats are more sensitive and nervous than dogs, generally. Even if you consider your cat to be full of self-confidence, a move be difficult and stressful for the cat.

catIf possible, don’t let your cat get involved in the move. Even if it means two new places in a short time, the cat can be more relaxed with a friend or your parents during migration days, instead of being in the house while you carry around boxes and do some cleaning.

If you are not able to move the cat, you can get it to stay in the bedroom during the moving day. Set the transport container to the cat food bowl, water, litter box and scratching post tree in the bedroom. When it is time to move the bedroom furniture, the cat can get to stay in the cage so it does not run out or hide somewhere. If possible, it is good to have a larger carrying case where the cat can move freely.

You can use pheromone diffusers in the new home to calm the cat, it is an odorless hormone that reduces stress on the cat. This must be sprayed in the bedroom a few days before you move in. Unpack the bedroom first, set all things that your cat is comfortable with and keep the door closed while you pack up the rest of your belongings.

The cat can hide for a few days and be a little more timid until it is comfortable in his new home. If you have an outdoor cat, the cat should be kept indoors in a few weeks. Only when you see that the cat feels more comfortable in the new home, then you can let the cat explore.

For the Canines

A dog is a little more flexible, but can also become uncomfortable in the migratory chaos. It may be better if the dog lived elsewhere during the last few days so, you can concentrate fully on the move.

dogGo to the area where you plan to move and take a walk with the dog there. Take time to have some fun so that your dog will get used to the scents in the new area.

Resist the temptation to buy a new dog bed and toys to inaugurate the move. Your dog will be more attached to their old things and they should be brought to the new home.

In your new home, your dog should get to explore the home at their own pace. Please take a few days off from work or fit the move on a weekend so you can spend some extra time with your pet and strengthen their self-confidence.

It is hard to keep stress levels down when your belongings will be packed up, but try to take your time to do this. Dogs are experts at reading when their owners are stressed which can lead to their undesirable behavior. So, try to keep clam during the whole move to encourage your dog to remain remain calm, too.

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