When we’re moving to another home, we find ourselves dealing with the process of purging. Purging is one way for us to organize our items especially if we’re planning to move to a smaller space.


Here’s a great video to give you some useful tips about purging:

The actual act of purging can be difficult and emotional at the same time. To help you get through with this process more easily, here are some possible questions that you could ask yourself:

Do you feel guilty? We sometimes hold on to some stuff because we feel guilty about letting go of it.

What is the root of your hoarding? What value does this add to my life? You need to be specific especially if the item is not on display or if you’re not using to for its intended purpose.

Are you letting stuff validate memories? There are some things that you don’t necessarily need to keep to prove something.

Are you continuing a clutter cycle? You may have inherited a bunch of stuff such as clothing and furniture which can become a vicious cycle. People gave you stuff that they hoarded and didn’t use then in the end, you didn’t use them at all.

Are you trying to make others happy? We often try to keep things with the idea of pleasing somebody else which is not a good thing.

Good keepsakes:

  • Make you happy
  • Have a definite purpose

Things you tend to keep must serve a purpose such as:

  • memories
  • go on display
  • be used
  • add value

Do I have the space? You must try to achieve keeping important stuff in a limited space. For instance, you can have one small box for all of those stuff.

Are you letting stuff shape your memories? It might be fun to go through with all those stuff from the past but you need think it these are necessary for you to remember some certain points in your life.

You can store memories digitally by snapping photo or scanning them. You can easily store them without the burden of eating up space in your home.

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