When packing…

You need to remember that it is better to do things gradually. It is never advisable to do multiple things in just one night. So try to start packing with the correct amount of time. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to pack and you cannot do the moving by yourself to your new place because you are a career person then you can contact some apartment movers in Jacksonville. You must call at least 3 moving companies for you to compare their prices and services. A local moving company can assist you with the packing of heavy items such as appliances and furniture. With this, it is assured that you move smoothly to your new home.


When starting to pack, take this opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need. This is a very important packing tip. If you love something, but cannot be used and without enough space then you can rent a storage space. Make sure that you move without junk in your new home.

Gather everything you need:

Trash bags: Get the extra resistant type trash bags and buy two different colors. One of the colored trash bags is exclusively for trash purposes. Or better yet, buy some additional colors like the transparent ones will be trash bags and can be thrown and the others will be used for the things you should bring to your new home.

Cardboard boxes: Try to pack everything that you can include in all boxes. Make sure not to choose a very large box because they become too heavy once they are full.
Newspaper: Wrap your items with enough newspaper especially fragile objects. Of course, bubble wrap is highly recommended to use.

Tape: Buy enough tape, and if you can, buy also a dispenser. If someone else will help you pack, buy another tape dispenser. Also, buy masking tape to create a visible space for labeling boxes and bags. Some prefer to buy colored sticky papers or markers for them to label each box because it is more recognizable.


Scissors and thick markers: You can buy markers of various colors, and identify each room with a different color and boxes/bags that go into each. Or you can buy a single color, and label them “kitchen”, “office”, “master bath”, etc.

Decide how you are going to encode your boxes and bags . Besides indicate whether they in the “kitchen”, “bath”, etc. you can use the 1, 2, 3 code, in which:

1 shows the boxes and bags that must be unpacked as soon as possible. Examples: school uniforms, basic kitchen equipment

2 indicates that the content can wait for a little. Examples: Clothes and shoes and other things that are in regular use

3 notes that those boxes and bags can be the last to be unpacked. Examples: photo albums, bedding, and extra pillows.

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