Moving is stressful and can go wrong instantly if you do it unprepared. What makes it more challenging? Having a toddler and another one in the oven. If you’re pregnant, you need to avoid stress as much as possible and you need to make sure that you’re careful about what you’re doing.

Here are some great tips that you can do if ever you’re in this situation:

#1 Organize ahead of time.

Start early and never pack before the day of the move. You wil never know how much stuff you really have and you may not realize you don’t have enough time to organize it all.

#2 Get enough supplies.

You’re going to need a lot of boxes, tape and bubble wrap more than you have imagined. Hanger boxes are inexpensive and quite convenient to use. You can keep the hangers on your clothes to make it easier to unpack.

#3 Label everything.

Label every box at all sides. You can try to use colored stickers to make sure that each box goes to the right room.

#4 Full time childcare.
Have full time help with your kids because you would be giving directions to the movers about where to put every thing.

#5 Send kids off.
Kids would find it difficult to understand the process of moving and might get emotional especially when they see their stuff get taken away by the movers.

#6 Pack kids room last.
This would make it easier for your kids to have a better experience at your new home when you unpack.

#7 Open first box/bag.
Pack essentials that you may need overnight. You might meet some issues with your moving truck so, have a box or a bag which has items that you need to spend the night.

#8 Keep tools together.
Have all the important tools such those to set up a piece of furniture in a plastic bag and tape it to the furniture.

#9 Talk to movers.
If you don’t know how to properly pack something such as your TV, talk to your movers about it. If you’re pregnant, get extra help. You need to avoid getting tired moving things and unpacking.

#10 Easy meals
Have meals that don’t involve cooking such as frozen meals and fruits.

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