Moving Tips For Cat & Dog Owners

Relocating when you have pets can make the move extra stressful. It"s overwhelming enough for a person especially if you"re looking for a reputable moving company to help you. You"re nervous about how the move should go for one cat or dog. Many are asking how to make the move easier for their pets. Here are some practical tips that you should consider:

For the Felines

Cats are more sensitive and nervous than dogs, generally. Even if you consider your cat to be full of self-confidence, a move be difficult and stressful for the cat.

catIf possible, don"t let your cat get involved in the move. Even if it means two new places in a short time, the cat can be more relaxed with a friend or your parents during migration days, instead of being in the house while you carry around boxes and do some cleaning.

If you are not able to move the cat, you can get it to stay in the bedroom during the moving day. Set the transport container to the cat food bowl, water, litter box and scratching post tree in the bedroom. When it is time to move the bedroom furniture, the cat can get to stay in the cage so it does not run out or hide somewhere. If possible, it is good to have a larger carrying case where the cat can move freely.

You can use pheromone diffusers in the new home to calm the cat, it is an odorless hormone that reduces stress on the cat. This must be sprayed in the bedroom a few days before you move in. Unpack the bedroom first, set all things that your cat is comfortable with and keep the door closed while you pack up the rest of your belongings.

The cat can hide for a few days and be a little more timid until it is comfortable in his new home. If you have an outdoor cat, the cat should be kept indoors in a few weeks. Only when you see that the cat feels more comfortable in the new home, then you can let the cat explore.

For the Canines

A dog is a little more flexible, but can also become uncomfortable in the migratory chaos. It may be better if the dog lived elsewhere during the last few days so, you can concentrate fully on the move.

dogGo to the area where you plan to move and take a walk with the dog there. Take time to have some fun so that your dog will get used to the scents in the new area.

Resist the temptation to buy a new dog bed and toys to inaugurate the move. Your dog will be more attached to their old things and they should be brought to the new home.

In your new home, your dog should get to explore the home at their own pace. Please take a few days off from work or fit the move on a weekend so you can spend some extra time with your pet and strengthen their self-confidence.

It is hard to keep stress levels down when your belongings will be packed up, but try to take your time to do this. Dogs are experts at reading when their owners are stressed which can lead to their undesirable behavior. So, try to keep clam during the whole move to encourage your dog to remain remain calm, too.

Packing Tips For A Smooth Move

When packing…

You need to remember that it is better to do things gradually. It is never advisable to do multiple things in just one night. So try to start packing with the correct amount of time. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to pack and you cannot do the moving by yourself to your new place because you are a career person then you can contact some apartment movers in Jacksonville. You must call at least 3 moving companies for you to compare their prices and services. A local moving company can assist you with the packing of heavy items such as appliances and furniture. With this, it is assured that you move smoothly to your new home.


When starting to pack, take this opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need. This is a very important packing tip. If you love something, but cannot be used and without enough space then you can rent a storage space. Make sure that you move without junk in your new home.

Gather everything you need:

Trash bags: Get the extra resistant type trash bags and buy two different colors. One of the colored trash bags is exclusively for trash purposes. Or better yet, buy some additional colors like the transparent ones will be trash bags and can be thrown and the others will be used for the things you should bring to your new home.

Cardboard boxes: Try to pack everything that you can include in all boxes. Make sure not to choose a very large box because they become too heavy once they are full.
Newspaper: Wrap your items with enough newspaper especially fragile objects. Of course, bubble wrap is highly recommended to use.

Tape: Buy enough tape, and if you can, buy also a dispenser. If someone else will help you pack, buy another tape dispenser. Also, buy masking tape to create a visible space for labeling boxes and bags. Some prefer to buy colored sticky papers or markers for them to label each box because it is more recognizable.


Scissors and thick markers: You can buy markers of various colors, and identify each room with a different color and boxes/bags that go into each. Or you can buy a single color, and label them “kitchen", “office", “master bath", etc.

Decide how you are going to encode your boxes and bags . Besides indicate whether they in the “kitchen", “bath", etc. you can use the 1, 2, 3 code, in which:

1 shows the boxes and bags that must be unpacked as soon as possible. Examples: school uniforms, basic kitchen equipment

2 indicates that the content can wait for a little. Examples: Clothes and shoes and other things that are in regular use

3 notes that those boxes and bags can be the last to be unpacked. Examples: photo albums, bedding, and extra pillows.

Moving Hacks For Moms With A Toddler


Moving is stressful and can go wrong instantly if you do it unprepared. What makes it more challenging? Having a toddler and another one in the oven. If you"re pregnant, you need to avoid stress as much as possible and you need to make sure that you"re careful about what you"re doing.

Here are some great tips that you can do if ever you"re in this situation:

#1 Organize ahead of time.

Start early and never pack before the day of the move. You wil never know how much stuff you really have and you may not realize you don"t have enough time to organize it all.

#2 Get enough supplies.

You"re going to need a lot of boxes, tape and bubble wrap more than you have imagined. Hanger boxes are inexpensive and quite convenient to use. You can keep the hangers on your clothes to make it easier to unpack.

#3 Label everything.

Label every box at all sides. You can try to use colored stickers to make sure that each box goes to the right room.

#4 Full time childcare.
Have full time help with your kids because you would be giving directions to the movers about where to put every thing.

#5 Send kids off.
Kids would find it difficult to understand the process of moving and might get emotional especially when they see their stuff get taken away by the movers.

#6 Pack kids room last.
This would make it easier for your kids to have a better experience at your new home when you unpack.

#7 Open first box/bag.
Pack essentials that you may need overnight. You might meet some issues with your moving truck so, have a box or a bag which has items that you need to spend the night.

#8 Keep tools together.
Have all the important tools such those to set up a piece of furniture in a plastic bag and tape it to the furniture.

#9 Talk to movers.
If you don"t know how to properly pack something such as your TV, talk to your movers about it. If you"re pregnant, get extra help. You need to avoid getting tired moving things and unpacking.

#10 Easy meals
Have meals that don"t involve cooking such as frozen meals and fruits.


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The Art of Purging



When we"re moving to another home, we find ourselves dealing with the process of purging. Purging is one way for us to organize our items especially if we"re planning to move to a smaller space.


Here"s a great video to give you some useful tips about purging:

The actual act of purging can be difficult and emotional at the same time. To help you get through with this process more easily, here are some possible questions that you could ask yourself:

Do you feel guilty? We sometimes hold on to some stuff because we feel guilty about letting go of it.

What is the root of your hoarding? What value does this add to my life? You need to be specific especially if the item is not on display or if you"re not using to for its intended purpose.

Are you letting stuff validate memories? There are some things that you don"t necessarily need to keep to prove something.

Are you continuing a clutter cycle? You may have inherited a bunch of stuff such as clothing and furniture which can become a vicious cycle. People gave you stuff that they hoarded and didn"t use then in the end, you didn"t use them at all.

Are you trying to make others happy? We often try to keep things with the idea of pleasing somebody else which is not a good thing.

Good keepsakes:

  • Make you happy
  • Have a definite purpose

Things you tend to keep must serve a purpose such as:

  • memories
  • go on display
  • be used
  • add value

Do I have the space? You must try to achieve keeping important stuff in a limited space. For instance, you can have one small box for all of those stuff.

Are you letting stuff shape your memories? It might be fun to go through with all those stuff from the past but you need think it these are necessary for you to remember some certain points in your life.

You can store memories digitally by snapping photo or scanning them. You can easily store them without the burden of eating up space in your home.


Freight Shipping Tips


If you"re planning to move to another country, you might need to ship your items and this is when you need to be familiar with freight shipping. It"s a bit confusing if it"s your first time but, once you know the basics, every thing just falls into place.

Here are some tips that can help you with freight shipping:

It"s with the weight.

Weight is an important factor and carriers use it to calculate the number of loads for a particular truck. The weight of the trucks are regulated by the Department of Transportation and an incorrect freight weight will cost an adjustment.

Dimension is everything.

Freight dimension is another factor in accurately quoting a shipment. Dimensions are usually rounded to the nearest inch ( this goes for length, width and height). Incorrect freight dimensions can add more to your expenses.

Bulky items.

Higher shipping rates may be applied to items that require more space due to their shape or size. Shipping companies usually offer various options to ship the freight.

Package wisely.

It is recommended that freight should be crated or palletized to avoid any unwanted damage. If it"s not possible for the items to be packaged in this way, you can ask the shipping company about other options that they may have to protect your shipment.

For additional tips, check the video below: